Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Winner, plus Never Before Seen Footage of My Life as a Homeschooling Mom

After a random drawing, the winner of the Sara Groves CD is Carrie! Congratulations, to you, Carrie. I'm so glad you won. You've been such an encouragement to me! I will have Fireflies and Songs sent to you, unless you changed your mind. Just let me know if you've decided you want a different album.

Some of you might remember that Carrie is the lovely lady who sent me this necklace she made just for me. If you like jewelry, she has some new items listed in her shop!

And now, I will leave you with a small glimpse into our quiet, studious home where little children who act years older than their actual ages thirst for the sweet nectar of knowledge daily. Listen carefully to the music playing in the background and you just might learn everything you wish you'd never forgotten about the scientific method. You're welcome! I'm here to help.
(Please note: Sara is not usually quite so rude at the table. The camera makes her nervous. Yeah, that's it.)

Bye. Love ya.


  1. Rachelle! Thank you so much for making me the winner of your giveaway, and what a fun video of the kids. Sara is SO the funny one here! That is exactly what my attitude always was the first day of school. Ha!! Yes, definitely this CD. I just know it will be so great! Thank you again. Did you know that it's even my birthday? I wasn't going to celebrate it this year. Yesterday marked a year since losing Dad and so my birthday "date" isn't the best. I know he would be so glad to know that I am the winner of your wonderful giveaway. Good luck to you on your new year of teaching! Carrie

  2. Oh, Carrie! I didn't know, but God did! Seriously, I put all the entries in a bowl and prayed that God would let me draw out the right one. I had a feeling it should be you, and it was! He knew it was your birthday, and He also knows that anniversaries of lost loved ones are hard. So, I'm sending you the CD and a big hug and Happy Birthday!!

  3. I love it! Got it today and have listened to a little of it tonight. I have it on my Ipod now and will let Linda have a listen tomorrow at work! Thanks again. You're the best! Carrie S.


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