Tuesday, August 16, 2011

40 Days of Now: Day 36

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Terribly pleased to wake up to the sound of a gentle rain, and to have it last much of the day, I wrote a haiku:

dusty seeds in wait
wonder when magic comes...hear 
sky say not long now

Jesus, I see You in the rain. The earth is my heart. The rain is Your mercy. The seeds You planted here soften and break open with the force of life that lies inside waiting. These seedlings are returning to You by growing tall, reaching for the Son. I'm dancing in this garden, drops of mercy on my face. Laughter comes with Your heavenly shower. ~R

Nevertheless he left not himself without witness, in that he did good, and gave us rain from heaven, and fruitful seasons, filling our hearts with food and gladness. (Acts 14:17, KJV)


  1. Your words are beautiful...thank you for sharing your heart

  2. Before I leave for work I talk to my husband about the closing Friday on the sell of his childhood home--his parents home. I am reminded not only of a season ending in the life of this house, but the ending seasons of life on earth for half his family of origin: most recently his sister, Robin; not long before that, his mom; and before that the death of this father. I think a lot of loss for a relatively young man.

    I take Sophie to preschool and say good morning to the business manager, a young soon to be married woman, whose mother quickly and unexpectedly died last week. I walk Sophie to the playground and see a teacher wearing a familiar t-shirt that I also have, which has my cousins name on the sleeve with the dates of his 19 year long life.

    I am reminded of death 3 times this morning...how fast it can come, how vulnerable it leaves us and how much it changes a person's world. Jesus, I see you in things that are passing because they remind me of what is not passing--the eternal. They remind me that in the world everything is in some state of approaching physical decay, but in the spiritual realm death and pain have been conquered.


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