Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's Giveaway Day!

"Freely you have received, freely give." (Matthew 10:8b)  

Hey, sweet friends. It's giveaway time!

Remember my story about that mean spinal headache I had? If not, you can read about it here. Well, one of those days that I was flat on my back, my husband Bob brought dinner and a movie up to the bed. The kids were with my wonderful mom or my amazing sister or my awesome friend; I can't remember which. But that is not the point. The point is, that while I tried to eat on my back without dropping food on my face or choking, we watched "Facing the Giants." Have you seen it? This is a good movie. 
The makers of this film come out of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia. Bob and I first saw this in the theater when it came out, but that was several years and a kid and a move ago. It was good to see it again. This movie is inspiring and encouraging if you are facing any giants in your own life. It reminds you that nothing is impossible with God! Sherwood Films has also put out "Fireproof" with Kirk Cameron (a good one for married folks) and also the lesser known but still good, "Flywheel."

So, in honor of the Lord giving good things to me, I am going to give one of you...

this brand new can of Spam! What? Don't you like a good fried Spam sandwich? (Remember those, Holly?)

Okay, scratch the Spam. How about a set of three Sherwood Films?

Is that better? This is a new DVD set of all three movies I mentioned above. If you already own these or do not want to own them, enter anyway! They would make a great gift to someone who needs a little inspiration. By the way, Sherwood Films has nothing to do with this giveaway. 

Okay, I guess we need to talk rules. If this all goes smoothly as planned, I would love to do other giveaways in the future. Giving is fun. So, if you don't win this time, don't sit in the corner sucking your thumb. Pull yourself together and cheat on the next one.
 You know I'm joking, right? I don't stand for no cheatin' around here. Now, the way you enter this contest is by leaving a comment in the comment section at the bottom of today's post. Attention all shy and private people: do not be afraid. You can remain anonymous. If you choose to go that route, however, you will have to refer to yourself by a nickname in the comment that you leave, so that you will recognize your comment if it is the winner. If you want to be known, then you can very easily set yourself up a google account with your e-mail address and a password. Either way is fine. Please only leave one comment! One comment will be randomly chosen by a random number generator thingy.

So, leave me a comment and tell me what you do when you are forced to slow down, take it easy, lay on your back, etc...

Do you count ceiling tiles? Perhaps catch up on your knitting? Here is an example of an anonymous person comment that would be just great: "Hi, this is Ms. Potato Head, and when I am forced to slow down, I count all my freckles. And by the way, I think you is the smartest gal I ever did know!" This, my friends, is a good comment that I will like and that will be easily recognized by the person who left it! See how easy?

Well, get to entering! The commenting will be closed on Saturday, August 21st at 8:00 am, Central time. Which reminds me, I know some of you are not in the US. That's okay. You can enter, too.

(This contest is closed.)


  1. R - You are so sweet to do such a thing. Your generosity reminds me of Dad. Okay, now. When forced to lie down (say for instance after retinal detachment surgery, which would be purely hypothetical) I would listen to my Mac read silly emails and slang words to me in it's professional man-computer-voice until I was thoroughly entertained. Which wouldn't take long. Yep, that's what I'd hypothetically do.

  2. I love to read, so that's what I do. Recently, while nursing my youngest, I became addicted to the Kingsbury books and Ted Dekker's books. I miss all that time to read now that she (and her sister) are running everywhere all the time. If you have not read any of them, you should give them a try. (P.S. You ARE a writer!!! I am loving every post and God has been speaking to me through it. I can't wait to hear more. I am definitely one of the skeptical Christians when it comes to current miracles, so your story is increasing my faith. And I love it is from someone I know, trust, watched live out her faith in front of me for years.)

  3. I am really enjoying your blog. I look forward to it daily. So generous of you to do a giveaway with these movies. I just learned that the creators of these movies are creating a new movie that will be released next year. It is titled Courageous. It is about 4 police officer fathers who commit together to be extraordinary dads. Should be marvelous...a lot like you. (I googled looks great)

  4. Well, since I'm a bed resting kind of pregnant lady, I have spent alot of down time on a couch or bed: I picked up crocheting blankets. I also got addicted to watching tv series that are on DVD, no commericals... no waiting until next week to find out whats happing to my favorite character in destress. I also have had a long time love affair with movies, since a child, a movie has always been my escape. I used to dream about working in movies & making my own. As a child I would memorize all the words to my favs, and could act them out with my brother, still today a couch, blanket & one of my favorite movies makes my week. Also--I just now managed to learn to read (hee.. hee..) actually more like learned to "enjoy" reading, I recently took a day off, stowed away to a quiet place and read a whole book in one day (my remedial reading teacher from 7th grade would be so proud).

  5. A few times a month my daily migraine decides to throw me against a wall to see if I'll stick...knowing I will slither down and plop on my bed. As I am laying...or is it Lieing...anyhoo, whilst reclined and longing for a morphine drip in both arms I usually redesign my house - in my mind, notice that I am terrible about vacuuming those cobwebs up there in the ceiling's corner, think of how long it's been since I've had lobster, wish I was sewing/quilting, wish that the other family members would read my mind and bring me my laptop and some lobster...or I compose silly comments for blogs so others think I am witty! Seriously. DO NOT enter me in the giveaway. Give it to someone else...I just wanted to say hello and that I am praying. Love ya big!

  6. Hi, I guess you can call me Hot in Texas. I have enjoyed your postings so much. I remember watching you grow up and thinking what a wonderful young lady you were and still are. I know what it is like for the Lord to stop you in your path and shake you to get your attention. I to had a earth shaking event happen to draw me back to his warm comforting arms. Mine was not physical, but very hurtful and humbling. What do I do when I have down time, I read and depending on the time of the year, knitting, spending time on the computer or just hanging out with my mom on her front porch. My thoughts and prayers are with you sweetie. I know the Lord will bring you through this and make you so much stronger on the other side. God Bless you and your family.

  7. I would always either read, sleep, or watch movies. I think your blog is awesomely magnificent. It is a creative wonder that is inspirational, full of happy enthusiasm, exuberantly joyful, and passionately beautiful. Is that over-doing it with the compliments? --Gilley

  8. Ok . . . my comment is simple . . . Was the potato head reference in any way tied to your love of potatoes as referenced in an earlier blog? I think if you can insert a potato related reference each day (even subtly), that would be really cool. I think Jerry Seinfeld referenced Superman in some way, shape or form with each show in his series . . . although I couldn't tell you when, where or how per episode. The point is . . . Rachelle, you make me smile and I greatly appreciate your blog. It definitely gives me a boost each day. Keep typing!!

  9. I thought it was gonna be a purse!

  10. When I'm going through something, I need to disconnect from all the "noise." I love to go for a long drive and enjoy all the beautiful scenery here in MO to calm/quiet my mind(anyone from someplace like Los Angeles will appreciate this comment!). Then I stay quiet, no phone, no t.v., etc. and start writing down what I'm feeling...all the ugly or it comes to mind. Really helps to put it out there for me and see it for what it is in black and white. Sometimes it works right away and sometimes it takes several days. And like I wrote to you the other day...this time around, the Lord really used YOUR blog to help me sort through some things and put them in perspective. You rock girl!!!

  11. Just started think about my handle, and hot in Texas can be taken too many different ways. So let's just say I will be known as Just Tried of the Heat in Texas.

  12. Remember the music tape I told you about from my friend after I had surgery? I take that and go in a room alone and I listen to her sing (she sings like an angel).....the words of her songs help me focus on God and all that he is to me and all that I mean to Him. On another note, one of my most favorite lines in Facing the Giants was when the couple had been trying to have a baby and after one more disappointment from the doctor - the husband looked at his wife and asked, "If the Lord never gives us children will you still love him? I have thought about that question in so many of my circumstances.....and yes, no matter what, I will always love Him! Teresa Stangl

  13. ok... so I slowed down to read this awesome post from such a courageous woman. It is rare I get a chance to count the little scars on my kiddos knees, hear the crazy yet hilarious stories from my sweet GiGi and listen to the beautiful sounds of innocent children singing camp songs as we drive down the road. I did today! I slowed down long enough to have the beaming pleasure of watching Darian practice his first game of soccer, hug my children like I have been gone for years and I even had a chance to look up in the sky and stare at the radiant stars. It isn't often I see the good in life. Thank you for a chance to breathe, love and laugh.

  14. Rachelle~
    I've looked forward to reading your blog ever since I had the chance to talk to you this summer. You have such a tremendous testimony, and I love the way you choose to weave humor throughout your stories. Truly a merry heart has been good medicine for you. :) I have been so inspired by your courage and your unwavering faith throughout all of this!

    I never do seem to comprehend how to be a human being, and not a human doing, so it is encouraging to read about everything that you did (and did NOT do) while daily relying on the Lord. :)

    I remember when I wound up with vertigo, and spent the better part of two weeks flat on my back. Listening to music brought the most comfort, since television tempted me to try to watch it, and I certainly couldn't see straight enough to read. Recently, the theme of my heart has been "Give Him praise", so my hope is (if forced to come to a screeching halt again) that whether I was lying on a rattan couch, or bungeed into a purple velvet chair, I would be singing songs of praise.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

  15. I know that some of my favorite times in life have been when the power is out at our house. It happens rarely and I always feel sad when the power comes back on. But while its off I'm unplugged from the world for just a little while. I have played a board game with the family (by candle light once), read, or just spent time sitting on the bed talking. No TV, no radio, no computer, just some together time. Of course I have often thought... if this time is so special, why do I have to wait for a power outage to have it?? It just becomes a habit to turn something on and waste time I guess. Time to get a new habit.
    By the way. I already own 2 of the 3 movies and as Holly can attest to, I have watched them many, many times. I think they're great.

  16. Oh boy, I need to keep up on reading your blogs a little more regularly. I didn't know you were giving stuff away! Geez. I know your contest has ended, but I would still like to share what I would do if I were forced to slow down and be still. First I would take a nap. My kids have been getting up at night a lot lately. Then a would read until my heart's content. First the Bible and then anything else I could get my hands on. Then I would call all of my close friends and catch up. That's what I'd do by golly.


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