Monday, August 30, 2010

Here's what we've been up to...

since Wednesday...
a little tent-pitching,

some father-son instructing,

a lot of pride in a job well done,

a little friendly bedroll war,
some outdoor cookery,
a lot of fishing line fixing,
some quiet moments of reflection...
and contemplation,
some train riding,
a bit of learning,
some stinky monkey smelling,
a lot of goofing around,
a little sweetness,
some theme park antics,

and a bunch of family togetherness.


  1. Looks like you guys had a blast. You are looking wonderful and am so pleased you chose to share with us what the Lord is doing in your life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Texas Friend.

  2. These pictures are so great! On that last one, my eyes played a trick on me when I first saw it and I thought Ben was holding two large, tan colored gourds.

  3. I'm gonna tell Bob you think his legs are gourds.

  4. I wanted to see your wooden legs Rachelle!! (inside joke!) LOL. Love the pictures--looks like you had tons of fun.

  5. Brenda, that's hilarious. I kind of forgot about that!

  6. Those pictures of Sam and Sara together remind me so much of you and Bob!

  7. It won't go away. I've looked at it several times, and every time, his legs are gourds. I really love the picture of them looking at the water with the sun's reflection. I think I need to have that one. That and the one of them flying off the couch in their costumes. Mike loves that one too.

  8. Looks like great family fun! Holly...I don't know if Bob agrees...but I think you're too funny! My favorite picture is the the one where they're looking at the alligator jaws...the wonder on Sara's face was so sweet.

  9. I agree with Pagereader - his knees really do look like gourds!!!!!!! Sorry, Bob

  10. Your family is so beautiful, Rachelle! Miss & Love you guys!


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