Wednesday, July 20, 2011

40 Days of Now: Day 9

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Now. Wow. God, You are a big picture kind of guy. And You have reminded me today, that all of my now moments are pieces of a bigger picture. You are weaving something beautiful, and each day is like another precious thread on Your loom, unique and necessary for the finished work to come out right. I keep thinking about David and how he must have felt the moment Samuel anointed him to be the next king of Israel. Now that was a moment to remember. And yet, it was years before he actually took the throne. And Abraham! Your promise to him had only just begun to unfold by the time he died. And now, today, I see this glimpse, this glimmer that the dream I had a year and a half ago is beginning to unfold as well. And every day from then until now and beyond is another thread in Your weaving. Keep weaving, oh beautiful Weaver! I am watching, mesmerized. Your artfulness takes my breath away. ~R

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  1. Jesus, I see you in the fellowship of sisters in Christ. I see you in the 2 or 3 gathered in your name. I see unity of your spirit, and the power of your word speaking and moving through the parts to the whole. The body is a unit, and though all the parts are individual they form one body. (I Cor. 12:12)


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