Monday, July 18, 2011

40 Days of Now: Day 7 and Checking In

(This post is part of a series. If you'd like to know what it's all about, go here.) 

Hi, friend. Today marks one week of this 40 day challenge, and I kind of feel like checking in with you. If you have been participating, what do you think so far? Has this exercise been good for you? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Too easy? Too hard?

What I like about doing this, is that when I wake up in the morning, I feel expectant. I know that because I am asking Jesus to reveal Himself to me each day, He will. It kind of feels like getting to open a present every day. And even though life is busy, and will always be that way, I think this has helped me to at least slow down in my mind. I'm paying attention to my day, not flying through it (in my mind), not just trying to make it and get to the next thing. 

I really love that I can say this has been more than just a week of summer activities and household chores. It's been a week of now moments. A week of Jesus in the small or big, the practical or extravagant, the ordinary or extraordinary things that just might go unnoticed unless I'm paying attention. I'm learning to live right now, find Him now, worship now, before this moment passes forever. 

So, if you haven't tried this yet, I would encourage you to join me and the others who I know are journaling their now moments, too. I know you will be blessed!

Today was a perfect example of why this challenge has been good. I have a head cold, and haven't done much today. I'm feeling puny and pasty and very unmotivated. This is exactly the kind of day that usually seems like a wasted one to me. Yep. Throw that one in the trash. That was a dumb one. I've had days like that more often than I like to admit. But, because Jesus is helping me be intentional, this day is not a total loss. He came and ministered to me while I was reading "Horton Hatches the Egg" to my kids. Yeah, that's right. Dr. Seuss.

Dear, sweet, faithful Horton. Here's an elephant who keeps his promises. He told Mayzie, that flaky bird, that he would sit on her egg and give her a break. Little did he know his babysitting gig would last 51 weeks! But he would not get off that egg for anything!

He stayed through harsh weather

and the taunting and jeering of his friends.

Even with guns pointed at him, Horton remained fixed on that egg, determined to keep his promise. He could have come down. No one would have blamed him. That fickle Mayzie was the one to blame for everything. She shirked her responsibility! Shirker!

Jesus, You know me. I am Mayzie. I am fickle. I am flaky. I am a shirker! I am to blame. You are the blameless One, yet You hung on that cross for me. You knew what You were getting into, but You promised anyway. They looked up at You, jeering and taunting, but You stayed. You might have come down. No one could have blamed You. You did nothing wrong, but still You stayed. You were determined. And You stayed. You meant what You said, and You said what You meant. Jesus, You are faithful, one hundred percent. ~R

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  1. Well this little exercise came in handy with a client today. Not exactly the Where is Waldo rendition of "Where is Jesus?", but the heart of what you just said: being expectant. I see your task as a prompting to open your eyes and ears, then waiting and expecting to find. My client has been lost for purpose and meaning in her life and I purposed she do the same as I am doing with this task (told her about your assignment!). She modified to to be asking and anticipating each day for God to unveil a purpose for her. I am excited to see how this might transform her attitude and grow her faith. So, Jesus, today I saw you in this lesson of growing faith. One day at a time I expect to find a nugget of Christ!


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