Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Still See You

Two years ago today, we said goodbye to you.

But I still see you every day... this one who dishes up the ham as much as you used to.

And I see you in this one, who wears every thought and emotion on his face. So many expressions cross this countenance in a day, often causing me to catch my breath or laugh over how much this boy reminds me of you.

And I see you in this one. What an amazing gift your son is to me. As different as we were, you and I had something in common. We shared a deep love and respect for this wonderful one.

He has your tender heart, your sweetness, and your affection. He has your precision and attention to detail. He has your questioning nature, always wanting to learn more about everything. And he has that wonderful gift you had of giving to others.

So, while I'm thinking about you and missing you today, I'm thankful for these three boys of mine who keep you living on down here. 


  1. This is such a sweet tribute to Al - totally got me teary. He is missed. And I just have to say, that last picture is just so cute of Sam. I want to kiss his little cheeks.

  2. I know I only met him a couple of times, but those pictures and that tribute really made me so teary. I see so much of him in your boys. Your wonderful caring boys. We are thinking of you and Bob today. Love you both dearly.


  3. Rachelle, we all share the same difficult blessing, you, Bobby, and I, in being reminded of our dad's in our kids. It's not fair we lost our dad's so early, and that our babies won't know their grandfather's except through memories that are brought up as we watch them grow and are reminded of those we lost. Thinking of you guys today.

  4. I loved this tribute to Al. Tell Bob that I am thinking of him. My memories of Bob's dad are fun and entertaining! I am so glad that you still see him in your boys!

  5. This is beautiful Rachelle...
    Thinking of you all!
    So many memories...a precious tribute to Uncle Al.


  6. Al was gone before I even knew he was ill. All 4 Gilbert boys (my cousins) were like brothers to me - always looking out for me and loving me. I lost my dad when I was only 14 yrs. old and my mom when I was 26 - I think they knew I needed someone to enfold me in their care. Al and Ron are surely missed by all.

  7. Rachelle, I can't tell you how much this means to me. I do think about him everyday and actually miss the hour long conversations about nothing. He loved you like you were his other daughter. I look at the picture of him &Sam everyday and laugh because they are so much alike in looks and personality. Sam has the close talker trait down pat. Love you, beth

  8. What a lovely tribute to one you loved!!!

  9. What a wonderful tribute. I am so honored to have met him.


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