Monday, January 3, 2011

Burning Questions of 2011

Is my kid normal?

Do these boots make my legs look orange?

Why doesn't Lambert's accept credit cards? Is that normal? We had to wash a ton of dishes before they let us go home.

Is it normal for people to be this pretty when they're on the phone?

Is it normal for people to smile this much when they can't pay for their food?

Is it normal for two-legged carrot people to show up at your door? Or am I the only one?

Am I normal if I put Barbie pants and a wig on my vegetables?

Where's my sink?

Is he normal? Did I ask that already?

Since when do I have such crinkly crow's feet?

These are my deep ponderings. These are the things I really want answered in 2011.

I'm glad I got that out. 


  1. 1.As for the kid-----normal,
    2.Your sister is way to pretty while on the phone, but I think that is her normal as I have never seen a bad pic of her.
    3.Lamberts--not normal--we had the same issue there.
    4.Clothes on the veges--not to sure--but it looks like fun.
    loved this post!

  2. Very normal my Lovely! A few summers back I had a Chayote Squash that came to life. Named him Boudreux. He was in all sorts of photo shots. Told Timothy it was his new lil brother. Boudreux was thrown off my sister's deck into the Sacramento river. I blame his "brother" I will send you his pics someday.

  3. This was so funny. I loved it.

  4. So is this is what you do when you are trapped in a basement all day? I mean I understand the carrot...if you got a carrot like that in your carrot bag you would have to put pants on it.

  5. Love you - and your crazy posts. So - in answer to those questions:
    1. Normal kid (despite the crazy mom)
    2. Yes, the orange boots make orange legs look orange. The question they make your behind look big? without a picture too see, I just can't say.
    3. Lamberts - no answer to this. Guess you need to take cash next time? Wait - what am I saying?? who ever has cash?
    4. Holly is not only pretty - she looks perky. Did she just find out she won the Publisher's Clearing House prize?
    5. Why is there such a big vat of ketchup on your table? Is THAT why you are smiling?
    6. I have never had a carrot person show up at my door - 2 legged or otherwise, but if they did...
    7. You would definitely want to put pants on them. Who wants to see naked carrot people?
    8. Your sink? it went to ....ok - I have no idea.
    9. Again - yes, your kids are normal. My concern is that you are concerned about this.
    10. Crinkly crow's feet = character and wisdom. It MUST right? that would explain all of my wrinkles I am sure.

    Ponderings answered - have a marvelous 2011. See?? Even after all these years, I am still helping you out. You are welcome.

  6. Well, Sarah, what am I going to do now that you answered all my questions? By the way, I'm not really concerned about Ben. I just like to pretend I am. He is kind of weird sometimes, but so am I.

    Robyn, I would love to see Boudreux! My carrot person is named Rita. She's not doing so well. Her legs are getting pretty shriveled.

  7. Rachelle, this was hilarious! I loved it!
    Veggie tales has nothing on you!


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