Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Little Winner

I have a little winner, but first I would like to say that I wish I could give everybody a present. I love each of you and treasure you in my heart, even those of you I've never met! I pray for you and think about your lives and what they might be like. God is at work in your lives and hearts in different ways, unique and specific to each one of you. In my mind, you all look like fabric. Each piece is it's own pattern, texture, and color. And each one is completely beautiful, woven by the same creative Master. In this amazing fabric store in my head, it's impossible to pick out just one. I want them all! I want to take them all home with me and watch them become what they are intended to be.

I will continue to daydream about you, my fabric friends, but in the meantime, I must announce the winner. I prayed and used the random number generator thingy as always, and the lovely lady is my dear friend Amber! She is a friend from my years in Kansas, and the funny and very wonderful thing is that she is here staying at my house this weekend! I love it when life works out that way.

Amber and I met back when we each had a one and two-year-old. We became fast friends and now between us have two 8-year-olds, two 6-year-olds, a 4-year-old, a 3-year-old, and a one-year-old. We have encouraged each other through pregnancies, births, deaths, and moves. We have experienced life together, and I am better for knowing her. She is a tiny little person, but she is big in the Lord.

Congratulations, Amber! Love you.



  1. Yay!!! I'm so glad you won, Amber! Wahoo!!!

  2. Thanks Holly!
    But mostly thanks to my dear friend for the gift. If my heart would release all that I have stored up there for you no computer memory could hold it, no amount of paper would be enough for me to write it down on and there are not enough trees (or turkeys or statues) in the world for me to carve it on. :) Thank you for your years of friendship, support and love. Thank you for everything!
    I love you!!

  3. P.S. Am I really that tiny?!


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