Thursday, January 13, 2011

Don't Miss the Boat

Don't be like my three pitiful waifs, standing forlornly at the cold, lonely dock, watching their ship go by. Don't let the tears stream down your face as you lament over how heavy your giant Disney bag of toys is. No, no. Do not even think of rending your garments in regret.

There is still time to enter the giveaway.

The End.


  1. Funny. "forlorn pitiful waifs..." Yeah, but they're holding their new Disney toys, I thought to myself. And then you said it yourself. Funny.

  2. Question: Does your little bag smell like you? I mean in a good way? Things smell kind of funny here. Different, foreign funny I mean. It would be nice to get a package in the mail that smelled like an old friend. In a good way, I mean. By the way, i meant to say it more formally, but since I haven't gotten to it yet...OH MY GOODNESS, THANK YOU!!!! I think you know what I mean. And Drew and Cade and I just sat in front of the computer and had a good old family guffaw over the carrot in the Barbie boots! Were you just so pleased when you found that your assumption was correct, and the Barbie clothes were indeed just the right size?! Lastly, your thankful entry continues to give to me. I uttered your prayer when I opened my eyes just this morning!
    Love you so much!
    P.S. Tell your husband thank you, too!!!!!

  3. Treiber! I can't tell you how swollen my heart feels every time I read words from you. It's the love and the missing. Thank you for everything you said, and you are welcome! I'm just sorry you didn't win the bag, so you could sniff America now and then. Do you need me to send you some room spray? Give all your boys hugs from us! I love you very very a whole whole lot.

  4. Shoot, I missed the boat! How in the world did i miss 3 posts? When I check there is nothing new; when I don't check regularly, I miss 3 posts AND a homemade Roach-stitched eternal giveaway. Lesson learned.


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