Thursday, January 20, 2011

Manna From Heaven

Three years ago we parted
when you stepped over that great, mysterious divide
between our world and reality.
Though I have not seen you since that day,
you are.
You are there,
more like yourself and Him than you ever could be here.
My longing for you has not lessened, only deepened,
for you know things now I want to talk with you about.
I want to ask you questions as a little girl does to her father.
"What's Heaven like, Dad?"
"When Jesus talks, does he have a voice like yours?"
"Will He look at me the way you do?"
"What about His hands, Dad? Will they swallow mine up in that warm way yours did when I was little?"

My grief is no longer raw, exposed as it was to assault by the thought of you. I am healing and learning.
You are only a breath away from me,
separated by just this physicality of mine.
And I am learning about the manna that comes down
from where you are.
It falls down around me during the night,
settling all around me.
 I am learning to gather in the morning
before the midday sun burns away
this Jesus bread.
It is always enough to sustain me
 for another day here away from the Promised Land.
It nourishes me, heals me, and fills me with hope.
I am full of the hope of being home with you someday,
not so far away.

Jesus, rain down on me,
manna from Heaven.

(written in reflection on the third anniversary of my dad's homegoing)


  1. This was beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us all.

  2. How beautiful are the feet of those who share the wonderful good news and glorious hope of His promises. Thank God for His healing power. You are incredible. I love you.


  3. It's hard for me to comment on things like this because I feel like anything I could say would be too small. So I'll just tell you that I felt this was deeply lovely, and the rest could never be typed in a comment box. But it's okay because you already know what's in my heart.

  4. I agree with Holly. She put that so well.
    Your mother read this to me yesterday and it really touched me. Losing my father this past year has been very difficult. Thank you for beauutifully putting this into words. You are very special. Carrie


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