Tuesday, December 21, 2010

5 Quacking Ducks, Part of a Cow, 2 Baby Chicks, and a Pig in a Pear Tree

Merry Christmas, my little cuties! This is your gift. Sorry, no refunds.

Last year, our family decided to use the money we would have spent on Christmas cards and buy some animals for people who wouldn't want to return them.

We did this through World Vision, and we were happy we did. It felt good and Christmasy. So, we did it again this year. We let the kids shop through the catalog and pick the gift they want to give, so it's fun for them, too. Waaay more fun and easy than trying to pull off a family photo. I love getting other people's family photos, but I would rather lick a metal pole in the winter than do a photo of our own. So, this is perfect for us!

Just look how happy this little one is with her Christmas gift! How sweet.

So, consider this your Christmas card from our family to yours. We love you and are so thankful for you. You have blessed me through this bloggy avenue and a hundred other ways. Have a beautiful, Christ-filled, joyful Christmas!



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