Thursday, October 28, 2010

Silhouette Man

Today is this man's birthday. I know I am just getting started on my "Disappointment with Life" series, but today I must depart from that subject and announce to one and all that I am most decidedly NOT disappointed with this man.

Happy Birthday, you cute silhouette man! You know who you are.

 Together, we have added
this one,

this one,

and this one to our little circle of strength and love. This alone is enough to bring me to my knees in gratitude to God.

This man knows what is important. He loves the Lord and his family with all his heart. I have seen glimpses of the passion he has for the things of God, and it humbles me. I have watched him spend hours building things with our son, cuddling our daughter and calling her "my princess" and wrestling with our youngest, and I think, "Wow, I got a good one."

This man looks at me and sees me. When I get involved in a project, all personal hygiene flies out the window until I become an almost unrecognizable version of myself, too disgusting to even glance at in the mirror. I shudder. But he looks at me in this condition and still thinks I'm beautiful! And I think, "Wow, I got a crazy one." And then I finally take a shower. Yeah, living with me isn't a cake walk. This guy deserves some kind of prize.

This man loves to encourage and bring out the best in others. He gets joy in seeing other people live up to their full potentials and being a part of that in any way he can. I frequently discover that he has blessed someone with a phone call or a note that I knew nothing about. He is sneaky in a good way!

I don't know if words can properly describe how much "stuff" gets thrown at him each day at work, but this does not make him selfish with his time. He is always ready to help anyone who asks. You need help? Bob's your man. He loves and he cares. He rarely complains or feels sorry for himself. He calmly faces whatever comes his way. And if he is standing in your kitchen for more than five minutes, he will probably start doing your dishes! What a guy!
Good job, Bob! Good job being born and being wonderful you.

(I will tell you I love you later. I don't want to get mushy in front of everybody.)


  1. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, how sweet. Happy Birthday, Bob!!!

  2. You did get a good one!!! Happy Birthday Bob!!!

  3. Tell Bob Happy Birthday! I always remember his day since it is right after mine. Thanks for my Birthday Poem---I love to remember that day in class--always makes me laugh! And YES you did get a great guy and you have a beautiful family!

  4. Happy birthday, Bob. You were always dependable when we worked for our church.

  5. Yes, Bobikins is a good one. You know I believe the same about my man. I am smiling at this hours later since our phone conversation...obviously i hadn't seen your post or our conversation would have been different I think! You know what i am talking about. I better go tell Rich it is Bob's bday today...

  6. Happy Birthday Bob! You certanly are a good man!

  7. Happy Birthday to Bob! Here, here to all the things you said about him, Rachelle! You got a good one! Please tell him that the Nolteriekes agree whole-heartedly!


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