Monday, October 4, 2010

On Turning 36

Oh Birthdaydoah
(To be sung reverently to the tune of Shenandoah. If you don't know Shenandoah, please read the words quietly and with emotion.)

Oh 36
Where did you come from?
I'm just a kid.
And you're a grown-up.

Oh 36
I do not know you.
Please go away.
Across the wide Missouri.

You may now laugh your head off.

I am.


  1. You can't be that old. You still look like that sweet teenage girl we use to see in Youth. God bless you and Happy Birthday. Debbie Constanzo

  2. Well you don't look 36 so congrats! And Happy Birthday again!

  3. Rachelle, this is a super adorable picture of you. Love it. And your song was hilarious. I did laugh and laugh as I sang it to myself.

  4. Rachelle, Every time I read your blog, I want to clap my hands and say, "good, girl".

  5. I did, I did, I did sing along...until the giggles set in! 36 is the new 16 you know...the only downside to that is that you and Bob are gonna need a chaperone for a while. :-)

  6. I sang along with you 'cause I have that song stuck in my head from our weekend together. Remember every time you saw the Missouri River you sang that song? Remember that? Huh? I do! Heehee!!

  7. Ro-Shell Ray-Naaaaaaaaayyyyyyy


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