Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Hipster Giveaway

Hi! You know what? I'm in a really good mood.

Look at my daffodils! I surely do love spring and sunshine and daffodils and tulips and Easter. I watched spring with one eye from my bed last year. It passed me right on by. I missed going to church Easter morning for the first time in my life. So, remembering what spring was like a year ago makes me all the more thankful and sort of giddy about it this year.

And look at my groovy sister! She is blooming with new life. After eight years of trying for a second baby, she's having a baby boy. Isn't that fun?

You know that scene in The Sound of Music when Leisl is singing "I am sixteen going on seventeen, innocent as a rose..." and Rolf is singing, "I am seventeen going on eighteen, I will take care of you..."? Well, remember when Leisl gets her first kiss, and she flings her arms out in the pouring rain and shouts, "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"?
Well, that's how happy I feel. I feel WHEEEEEEEEEEEE happy. By the way, if any seventeen-year-old boy ever tells my daughter that he'll take care of her, I might punch him. Rolf turned out to be a Nazi, so my point is completely legitimate, don't you think?

If you've been following along, you know that when I'm in a good mood, I give stuff away. Are you excited? I'm excited! 'Cause guess what? I made this hipster slingy bag out of a placemat. Yeah, that's right! I picked up the placemat at Pier One in the clearance section for 98 cents. Isn't that cool?

I had some vinyl scraps that I embellished with stitching for the strap. It has a magnetic closure inside.

And I'm giving it away to someone who needs a colorful springy bag. From me to you, with love.

But wait! You have choices. Choices are good.

This hipster is made from a Target placemat.
Isn't that pretty fabric? It has texture.

I made the strap out of a discarded curtain from my friend Jill.

This one has a zipper closure.

And if you don't want to wear it on your hip, you can just loop the strap and throw it on your arm, which means this is a hipster and a handster.

So, here's how it will work. Leave me a comment telling me if you would want the stripey or the floral bag. Also, if you want to tell me your favorite thing about spring, I wouldn't mind it. I like it when you tell me stuff. In a few days, I will put the stripey people together and the floral people together and draw a name randomly from each group. Sound good? Good. Get to it, baby.


  1. I think stripey is quite possibly the cutest thing I have seen in the hipster family.

    My favorite thing about spring? The Tulips. I drive my family crazy when we are in the car, because I repeatedly say, "OH! Look at those tulips. Those are red!" "OH, Look at those yellow tulips!" I don't know why I feel the need to announce the color every single time. I know that all of my family members do, indeed, know their colors. It's just a quirk of mine (one of the many). Have a blessed day, Rachelle!

  2. Yeah - I too am a stripey fan...but I will agree that the texture of the other is pretty cool. But, my final answer would be stripey!

    I have MANY things I like about Spring - but I will spare you my rambling and say....the BIG fluffy, white clouds in the BLUE sky. The ones that look like cotton candy and that you could hop from cloud to cloud. SOOOOO pretty! :)

    Jules Reimann

    p.s. I think being that I have so many perk points for guessing what the picture was of awhile back should help me WIN a prize sometime. ha ha ha! :)

  3. @Anonymous Yes, Jules, but let's not forget that while those points were awesome, they were also FAKE! :) I hope you win, though! I wish everyone could win!

  4. Barbara SwanstonSaturday, April 02, 2011

    I must say I like them both but since I carry the whole house in my purse as well as my grandchildren's crayons, sippy cups etc ... I have to go with the stripey one! You are soooo creative!

    My favorite thing(s) about spring are the birds singing and the blooming trees (my granddaughter counted over 100 flowering trees and bushes on our drive to pre-school!)

  5. whoa, these bags are adorable! Nicely done, placemat transformer. Thanks for featuring me in your blog as a celebrity. I usually get paid for appearing in blogs, but I'll give you a pass on this one.

    I do so looooove Easter. It's my favorite thing about spring.

    Easter with you is: pictures by the row of tulips on the side of the house, easter dresses paired with cuffed white socks and mary janes, multi-colored woven plastic easter baskets, easter grass on the carpet, those weird stale marshmallow type eggs, elaborate sugar eggs with scenes in the center, sore cheeks from blowing out eggs, crazy egg decorating parties, rolling down hills in an egg hunt frenzy (mom gets that one), braided bread, asparagus, jello molds, bunny cakes with jelly beans and green coconut grass, egg wraps that shrink to the egg, dye cups and vinegar, don't dip green and then purple because then you get brown, the boys deliberating over the best egg, white plastic purses, jelly beans at the bottom of the basket underneath the grass, and on and on. Oh, Easter. We do love you. Well, mostly Jesus. But also the other stuff.

    Easter = wheeeeeeee!!!!

  6. I must say I love the Stripey one as well. You are so creative Rachelle! What a beautiful gift you have been given!! Well as for me and my favorite thing about spring is all things are new and fresh and beginning again. And that is just what is happening to me and my family as we are growing in numbers. We plan to have the addition of child #4 to our home soon! Though he won't come as a little baby, but as a 10 year old boy! We all are very excited about this NEW season in our family!

    Happy Spring!
    Julie Ballard

  7. I love the stripey one, especially the fringe is adorable.

    I love so many things about spring. Here are a few things: spring peepers, budding trees, blossoms, grass greening again, warm sunshine with cool breezes, and not having to bundle up every time you walk outside.

  8. This latest post was from me: Tina Hargis

  9. I love them both. However, I think I'll go with the floral because My mom would love it and her 60th bday is in a few weeks. It would make a beautiful extra gift.

    I love a lot of things about spring. The colors, flowers, etc., but my favorite thing would be the return of all of the wildlife. I'm an animal fanatic and start at the beginning of March putting out seed and food for our many chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, birds, etc. For some reason we have chipmunks and rabbits that make nests under our front porch and every spring we come out and find new babies right outside our front door. We have several birds that make their nests around our porch and every year I get to watch the babies hatch, grow and fly for the first time. That's my favorite thing about spring.

  10. The stripey one!! but I love them both!

    Spring to me is: new life and refreshing renewal. The Lord gives us visual pictures and evidence of Ashing turning into Beauty, everywhere. Picnics, children playing outside, gentle breezes and the sounds of the wind blowing through the trees. :)

  11. Wow! I love these pieces you make -- all that I've seen so far. I really, realy like the stripy hipster. It's very springy and colorful and happy. I love spring because of the signs of new life that are showing up everywhere, and, yes, ...Holly is just lovely sporting her signs of blooming life.

    After losing my father last August, going through a very emotional time, and then the long winter, I love the signs of this spring more than others before. it's not only happy, it's full of hope and signs of beauty and reminding us that God is everywhere, all the time, every step of the way. We shouldn't need reminding, though. I just love spring. I wish I had a better way with words. Carrie Sisson

  12. I love love love the stripey one. I think it looks like my odds of winning would be better if I went with the floral one. I love them both, but the colorful stripey one is so fun!!!

    Spring....ahhhh....I love all the colors that are waking up from months of hibernation.

  13. LOVE both bags but the floral is my fave! I miss you so much Rachelle! I just get back from a spiritual retreat weekend with my co-workers and the Lord revealed so much to my heart! PLUS I felt our baby move for the FIRST time! :) We find out the gender in a few weeks and I am so excited! MISS YOU! Can we talk on the phone sometime soon? Love you!

  14. Bring on the sunshine!! Bring on the warmth!! Bring on the spring!! I love it all, and my little southern heart can hardly wait.
    You are such a lovely creative artist. Both bags are wonderful. I would choose the stripey bag if chosen. But I also just love looking at what you have made as well!!
    And congrats to Julie on adding a son to her family! Very exciting. Great parents.

    Amanda T

  15. How awesome are you and super fun too! I love the stripey bag, it looks like spring to me. I love Spring for the super sleepy children it gives me. They play so hard all day, until I make them come in and then at bedtime; quickly and quietly fall into the most restful sleep. The colors of spring in the blue sky, the purple red-buds, yellow forsythia, orange and red tulips and beautiful daffodils. I forget every year how refreshing it is to have everything made new again! Love reading this blog...thankyou!

  16. I especially love the cute target placemat floral one!! I must be the odd one out, but oh how I love flowers. Cute, super cute.

    Spring.... I love spring because of so many great reasons. Number 1-JESUS LIVES, number 2-Daisies(my favorite flower), and my number 3 reason..... it's only five weeks until school's out of session for this semester and I can spend time with my four great kiddos.

    Love ya, Rachelle!!

  17. Rachelle, you are so talented, girl!! I love stripey, as well. Would make a great "grammy" bag.

    I love spring..everything about it except for the storms that accompany it. But the promise of new life that spring brings is so special. We moved at the end of the summer last year so I am having so much fun exploring our yard this year and seeing what is coming up. I'm like a kid at Christmas.

  18. Both of these bags are great. I like the striped one best.

    I love the birds singing and the dogwood which is starting to bloom.
    Thelma Gilpin

  19. My favorite is the floral! BE-A-UTIFUL! I'm already picturing it on my arm (haha).

    Spring is my favorite. My middle name is Spring. My birthday is in spring: April 16. I went through a wintery season in my life and felt like I sat like a little child at the window praying for signs of spring. Spring came! God is good, even in the winter, but got to say I love His promise of Spring :)

  20. Rachelle! Why are you so good? You are like the spring - fresh air and sunshine, the warmth on my face and brightly colored flowers. Though I will be sad to let winter go - I welcome the spring and all it brings.
    Love to you.

  21. I really love the stipes. You are talented. My mom told me about this so I am registering.

    Maybe I will be blessed with this bag.

    I love spring- becuase of the new life.
    Alicia Gilpin

  22. Stripes!

    Spring is my favorite season because it shocks me each and every time. We don't notice things dying so much in winter, but they shock us with their life in the spring. It's a picture for me of the constant spiritual cycles I find myself in again and again and again. I could sort of go on about spring forever, but I won't.

    ~ M Ortega

  23. Put me in the floral group and then draw my name baby! Also know that one of my favorite things about Spring is listening to my kids play OUTSIDE! Also we get to brush off winter and revive youth and playfulness. Reminds me of when Isaiah says "those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength, they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint." I think he wrote that in the Spring. :)


  24. I think the stripey is absolutely adorable.

    My favourite thing about Spring (at least this 'particular' Spring) is that it is finally getting warm enough I can be brave enough to go without my hats! This winter stuff has been cold on my head! Can't wait til all treatments are done!

    I know I'm too 'late' but wanted to answer anyway :)


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