Saturday, March 5, 2011

Letting Go and Holding On

By terri_bell3

Speaking of fasting, a few days ago when I was writing my fasting story, I remembered that at the conclusion of that particular fast I wrote a poem. Today I went on a little search for the notebook that I used to jot down notes and Scriptures during that time, and sure enough, there was the poem. When I read it I smiled, partly because it was kind of cheesy, and partly because it made me remember something I had forgotten.

By kebanks

The Lord had given me a beautiful picture while I was praying one day. As I mentioned before, I had quite a few things I was struggling with at the time. I was hanging on to grief, unforgiveness, and resentment with both hands. In this picture, the Lord showed me that I was holding those things as tightly as one would a gold or silver treasure. But what I was holding was as worthless as dry sand.

He then showed me this beautiful image of my open hands. That was my part--I needed to open my hands. Then I saw Jesus blowing on them until every grain of sand was gone.

I'll let you read the poem if you promise not to laugh. Or at least, if you do laugh, don't tell me about it!

Letting Go and Holding On

My hands were clenched, my fists were tight,
Full of things that were not right,
Of hurt and fear and doubt and pride,
And other things I tried to hide.

And then You came and said, Let Go.
I looked at You and now I know,
My foolishness had pushed and pressed,
Until my soul was not at rest.

I watched my hands release their grip,
And saw those things begin to sift,
Between my fingers like dry sand,
As Your Spirit blew upon my hands.

You filled my heart with Truth like gold,
But my hands had nothing left to hold.
You turned, and I saw Your hem so white,
So I reached and held with all my might.

Your healing flowed into my soul,
And I will never let You go.

Jesus is near you! If you are reading this and are sick in body, mind, or soul, He has healing for you today! Open your hands. Reach out and touch Him, and don't let go.

The Lord loves you so much. I love you, too, and I'm praying for you.


  1. why in the world would anyone laugh? i remember this poem and never laughed. it is not laughable. it is beautiful! i am always trying to figure out the art of giving up without throwing in the towel...letting go can be so hard to do, yet doesn't that physical act require less energy then holding on? why is it hard to let go? i think we fool ourselves we are being proactive and responsible when we hold on. You said it beautifully...there is so much to gain when we learn to relax our hold and let go... and grab hold of the one that hold us!

  2. At the risk of repeating myself...WOW! That's a beautiful image and poem. You hit on a very important thing...anything that we let go of, cast down or cast out ALWAYS leaves a void which can be almost unbearable...UNLESS we allow it to be filled with the fullness...overflowing...of Him! Great as usual Rachelle!


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