Tuesday, March 8, 2011

1250 Fake Points is Such an Awesome Prize

You played my game! You people are fun. I will now officially distribute the fake points. The 1250 fake points will go to the first person who answered most accurately. But I have other points to hand out today! You see, I have fake points saved up from 1983. I was nine then, and big into fake points.

CONGRATULATIONS, JULES! You are now the proud owner of 1250 shiny fake points! You were the first to answer correctly and specifically enough to please me. It was indeed chocolate cake on lips.

But whose lips? Thank you Jill, for asking that very pertinent question. Although you did not wager a guess, you now have 345 sparkly fake points for asking good questions.

Next up, Pagereader, you were not only very creative and disgusting with your raw chicken guess, you were also VERY specific in your second guess which pleases me greatly. You were wrong about the owner of the lips, but very right about the cake being Sara's leftover chocolate birthday cupcakes. You now own 1015 glittery fake points.

Now, Jessica, you put forth an excellent guess. I understand why you were thinking Oreos. And here is why: I baked my cupcakes with DARK chocolate cocoa, therefore they turned out very black-- as black, in fact, as Oreos. Also playing into your points consideration is the fact that you only very recently became a comment leaver on this here blog. In all seriousness, your first comment was so sweet, it is a treasure to me! Therefore, you are now the happy owner of 1080 bright fake points!

Kris, you also were on the right track with brownies. Close, but not quite. Understandable. You normally wouldn't earn many points for this, but today is your birthday! And you are soon to be a new mommy. You NEED fake points! Well, you've got 'em baby. 975 brand spankin' new ones.

Amber, you were completely and totally wrong! BUT, you also were so creative. And not only that, but last night, I was reading to the children the animal book you gave me. It just so happens that last night we learned that pigs are unfairly judged in this world. They are clean, smart, and make good pets. This sparked a discussion as to whether or not we should own a pig. So, because you are so in tune with us, you now own 625 pink-as-pigs fake points! 

And now, here is the big picture:
The lips (and the nostrils) belong to none other than my Ben.

I MUST find a way to keep him three forever!

This game was way too easy for you smarties. Just wait 'till next time. I'm totally going to stump you!


  1. Now what to do with my 625 fake points? Perhaps I could trade them in for some of that yummy looking chocolate cake. (I knew that's what it was all along...sort of. Who would have a pig as a pet? Oh, maybe the Gilberts)


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