Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just When I Thought They Must Never Hear A Single Word I Say

Do you have kids? Little, noisy, crazy kids? Do you ever have days when you wonder why you even attempt communication with the small jumping-bean-like creatures? Have you ever tried to impart serious parental wisdom to them, only to have them fall on the floor laughing? Or even worse, they begin to discuss something completely off the subject as if you weren't even there? Have you ever witnessed your words going in one little pudding-smudged ear and out the other? 

Well, I sure have. But those days are over forever! I'm excited to introduce you to my brand new, patented remedy called Respect-O-Matic. This little purple wonder pill magically transforms children into the docile, obedient lambs that you've been dreaming of!

Insert the screechy I-just-woke-up-from-that-fantasy sound effect here.

No, there is no magic pill, but there is hope! I caught a little glimmer of it yesterday:

Scene: Sam's room

Players: Sam(8) and Sara(7)

Action: Listening to music and playing castle or something

Overheard: Song lyrics: "Fill me, fill me to overflowing, yeah, yeah, yeah..." (or something like that)

Sara: giggles followed by more giggles

Sam: (reading her thoughts) "No, Sara. This song isn't talking about filling up with water 'till you pee in your pants. This is a WORSHUP song. It's talking about God filling you up with stuff like obedience and the fruit of the Spirit."

Sara: "Oh, yeah. Like God fills you with love until it overflows out of you and you love other people."

Sam: "Yeah. Okay Sara, you be the princess and I'll be Dash and Snowball..."

Okay, I think I get it now. They do listen to me, they just don't want me to find out. They've been having these secret conversations in which they discuss all the wisdom they are gleaning from their parents. Yeah, I'll keep dreaming. But this one little thing is enough to keep me going for at least another week or two...maybe three.


  1. So wonderful! I love that you got that little confidence booster. It's amazing how much that helps sometimes. Love you!



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