Saturday, September 11, 2010

Well, What do You Know?

Once upon a time, there was a girl. Let's call her Calliope. Calliope is a good name for the girl. A calliope is an instrument that has been described in this way by Wikipedia: A calliope is typically very loud. Even some small calliopes are audible for miles around. There is no provision for varying the tone or loudness. The only expression possible is the timing and duration of the notes. You see, Calliope's husband and sister have always had to lovingly remind her to tone it down in restaurants and other public places where she often forgets to use an inside voice. This has absolutely nothing to do with my story today.

 (p.s. I am Calliope.)

Back to my story. Calliope had a sister who would do anything for her. Let's call the sister Mandolin. This is a good name for her, as mandolins are often shaped like a teardrop, and this sister's heart was full of compassion for all. Mandolin loved Calliope with all her heart and expressed her love in countless ways: practical, sweet, generous, heartfelt, selfless, and often hilarious ways. This was all to Calliope's great delight. She did not take Mandolin for granted. She felt that if they should ever be separated, a great piece of herself would be cut off.
Here you see a likeness of the sisters, Calliope and Mandolin.

 Once, Calliope became very sick. Her pipes blew loudly no more. This distressed dear Mandolin. She prayed and fasted and wept for Calliope. She often took care of Calliope's three small, but equally loud calliopes. She encouraged Calliope with plenty of jokes and witty remarks. She made a t-shirt for Calliope to wear to remind her of God's power and protection. She cleaned out Calliope's van and emptied her trashcans!

When Calliope was well again, Mandolin rejoiced and said, "Don't ever do that to me again!" Mandolin encouraged Calliope to write her healing testimony in a blog. Calliope had a great lot of fun doing this, and decided to send free gifts to random people as an expression of her joy. But when she used the random number generator thingy to choose her winner, the number was Mandolin's number! "Oh, dear," thought Calliope. "Perhaps the others will think this contest was rigged!"

But she soon put her mind to rest. She knew the others would understand, for Calliope had always been honest about everything else on the blog (except for the bit about the Spam.) And she knew that the others would agree that Mandolin was worthy of the prize(not that the contest is about worthiness).

And so, it is with gladness of heart that I announce the winner of the Kari Jobe CD to be pagereader, aka Holly, aka my crazy sister, aka Hollyberry, aka Mandolin.

Congratulations, Pagereader! Now, get on over here and get your prize, kid.
I cannot close this post without saying how much I loved reading all your comments. Thank you so much for playing my little game with me. I went over to YouTube and listened to the songs you mentioned that I didn't know. It was fun! Thanks for introducing me to some potentially favorite songs/artists.


  1. You two are SO adorable! If I would have been blessed with a sister, I couldn't have imagined a better loving relationship then you two have :) Love you both!

  2. I can't believe I won!!! I'm so excited. I have been wanting this cd! And this whole post was so sweet and good and heartwarming and full of love. Thanks for all that nice stuff you said about me. Right back atcha, doubled.

    Your little mandolin

  3. I know that Crazy Mandolin well. She definitely gets around, so lots of us get to enjoy her music. Congratulations otha' dotta'!!!

  4. Rachelle - You are amazing. I don't know why you said you weren't a writer, when all evidence points to quite the opposite. I am glad I have been a part of your life and am so proud of the amazing woman you have become.

  5. This. was. beautiful.


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