Friday, September 10, 2010

My Dryer Needs a Flu Shot

Please pray for my dryer.
It has some kind of nasty virus. It keeps coughing up clothes, and nobody around here seems to care.

There is no Good Samaritan here, I tell you. Folks around these parts pass right on by without so much as a sideways glance at this poor creature.

This virus may be contagious.

So go check your dryer.

And if you haven't entered my small but fabulous giveaway, you'd best hurry up, 'cause I'm pickin' a winner tomorry.  


  1. Sometimes it's better to just have a simple funeral - then again you should get a good 20 years out of a dryer.

  2. If you'd put all your creativity to REALLY good use, you'd come up with a designer line of clothing for the growing family made entirely of plastic bags accumulated from WalMart, etc. Then we could all just pitch 'em or toss 'em in our handy-dandy recycle bins! Or you could just do what I do..."clothes...what clothes?!?!?!"

  3. At least each load is only 15 cents. At those rates you could hire yourself a maid!


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