Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Goodbye, Dear Eye Patch (and Another Giveaway!)

Lovely, don't you think? This picture was taken last night. (It is only a reenactment of days gone by.) My mommy made my eye patch. I love my mommy, but I do not love my eye patch. Goodbye, eye patch. You helped me for awhile, but I don't need you anymore!

Look at my eyes! They are looking straight at you! I couldn't do that before.
Just look how far my left eye can go now! This was impossible before.
I would like to make a special announcement now. I am healed. I am 100% better! I don't have any of the symptoms that brought me down low. I am a grateful girl. I'm thankful for my sweet Jesus whose sacrifice healed me in so many ways.

When I was sick, I could only lay on the couch, but now I can jump off of it, so I do jump off of it, and often. You don't believe me? 
What else can I do to display my goofy happiness? Hows about I give something away? Okay, I will!

One thing that encourages me during rough times is listening to some good worship tunes. I love the way the Lord lifts my burdens right off my stooped shoulders when I start singing to Him. Putting in a good worship CD can change the atmosphere of my home and the attitude of my heart! Things have a way of coming into proper perspective when you are worshipping such a great, big, loving God. Suddenly your worries seem much smaller in comparison to His greatness and power. I would love to give somebody one of my favorite CD's!

Kari Jobe sings with such purity and sweetness and obvious love for Jesus. And I just happen to have an extra unopened copy laying on my kitchen counter. You just might get this in the mail if you leave a comment on this post. A winner will be randomly chosen on Saturday, so go ahead and leave a comment telling me what tune puts a little kick in your step. If you don't feel like telling me about that, then say something else that will identify you, like "Proper ladies never jump off couches" or "You look pretty lame with an eye patch" or "Baa baa black sheep, have you any wool?" You get the idea, right? Say anything and you will be entered to win!  


  1. You are just too cute and you make me smile!!!! Now I want to go jump off of buildings with a leaping bound...but couches would probably provide for a softer and safer landing. :) The song I am loving right now is "The More I Seek You," by none other than Kari Jobe.

  2. Oh. Yes. I love this question. Okay.

    Now, what song puts a kick in my step? Well, I can't ever hear "Mr Blue Sky" by the Electric Light Orchestra without instantly feeling cheer and pep. Also James Taylor's "Your Smiling Face" makes me. . .uh. . .smile. For groovy get up and go, "Rock & Roll" by Eric Hutchinson makes me happy, or any of his songs, for that matter. For lyrical enjoyment, I prefer dear ole Ray Stevens' "Ahab the Arab." For delights found only in nostalgic sap, please give me anything Barry Manilow. I could give a REALLY long list for Sara Groves songs, but "Just Showed Up For My Own Life" speaks to me. Also, who could not feel good when listening to Michael Bublé sing "Feeling Good"? (Especially when turned up really loud!) I really could go on and on here. I think I'd like to make a musical enyclopedia of all songs delightful.

    Now, about your post. Your picture progression ending with you jumping off the couch brought tears of joy to my eyes. Wahow! (I made that word up.) Really, really awesome. He sees us, He knows us, He loves us, He heals us!!!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hillsong United! I was actually jamming out to them this morning on my way to work! It takes me back to nights of worship at Life Church as well as worship time with Kairos! My fave song they sing is "None but Jesus"! No one but Jesus can fill my heart with overflowing, never ending joy :) Love you, Rachelle! I am praising Jesus for your recovery today!

  4. I've loved this one for a very long time:
    I will not forget you:

    Many men will drink the rain
    And turn to thank the clouds
    Many men will hear You speak
    But they will never turn around

    I will not forget You are my God, my King
    And with a thankful heart I bring my offering
    And my sacrifice is not what You can give
    But what I alone can give to you

    A grateful heart I give,
    A thankful prayer I pray,
    A wild dance I dance before you
    A loud song I sing, A huge bell I ring,
    A life of praise I live before You

    Rachelle, I loved the pictures of you jumping.
    Thank you for sharing your Joy & Freedom

  5. I believe the couch jumping pictures were reflective of Tom Cruise on "Oprah" when he started dating Katie Holmes.

    In more pertinent commentary, your testimony is wonderful and such a blessing to so many!!

  6. Baby Girl by Nicole C Mullen
    or really any of her songs

    My Redeemer Lives is probably my second favorite of hers.

  7. Okay, will I get in trouble if I say, "Boom, Boom, Pow" by the Black Eyed Peas? It includes some "inappropriate words", but if I want to kick it in at the end of a run, it's my go-to song on the iPod. On a more spiritual note, may I recommend a little-known artist named Lizi Bailey. She and her husband, Matthew are acquaintances of ours from Houston. Her EP is on itunes--I recommend You Alone are God and Trace the Lines. Also diggin' Sandra McCracken these days. She reworks the good stuff (old hymns/ great theology) and has a classic/bluegrass sound. Love seeing you jumping off couches, Rachelle!

  8. if it was a purse giveaway i would say something about music.

  9. i will say that you look funny jumping on that couch and did the kids see you?

  10. You silly, wonderful girl. A better friend who could find?
    The only song I can think of at the moment is "It's so good to be together" by none other than our very own Jared Scholz. I really wish you could have heard it last Sunday.
    BTW, we had a superfantastic time with you guys over the weekend! I am still cleaning up, but smiling cause every little pile of stuff reminds me of the fun we had.
    I love, love, love you!!!
    Now pick me, pick me!

  11. I saw a sign recently that said "If you want to know how old you really are, just look in the mirror and see how old you actually feel." I think the couch pictures pretty much say it all, don't they?

    I just love music, almost any kind really, just depends on what I'm doing. There is a lot of Christian music out right now that's awesome. But a couple of standards would be "How Great Thou Art" and "It is Well with My Soul." It's obvious that it is VERY well with yours!

  12. Rachelle,

    You are Healed 100% what a blessing!!!! What a joy you are! I bet you love "Healer" off of that kari Jobe CD-- that's a good one!
    Thanks for sharing and jumping! For you are a wonderful joy yourself!

    Love you,

    Nicole (Fanning)

  13. Rachelle,
    What an awesome, awesome post of God's intimate caring for each and every aspect of our daily lives. Bless His heart for loving you (us) enough to reveal His warning to you in such a loving way. Bless your heart, too, for being so open and obedient to His instruction and for sharing all this with the rest of us, so that we can know, too. We really have to be careful to listen to Him and to consult Him about all things. What a God we serve!!! Love, Gilley

  14. Well, ok... I'll play along... but only because you are so insistent! I have 2 songs that are my favorites right now. The first would be Yahweh by Tal & Acacia. It's definitely not a 'put a little kick in your step' kind of song, but it will transform any yucky mood I'm in into one of peace and joy. The other favorite I have right now, I'm a bit hesitant to share... but what why not, right? It's Holy Roller Novocaine performed by My Terrible Friend. Now I have to warn you, when my kids first heard me listening to this, they didn't get it. They thought their mom had been replaced by some alien creature. But then I showed them the video song on youtube and they can now appreciate it too. I think you have to see Nataly & Lauren performing all the different parts of the video song to truly enjoy it. This is the one that 'puts a kick in my step'. :)

  15. Rachelle, I confess. I've been a lurker. :)
    I love that Kari Jobe cd. I am so enjoying reading your blog. I've just started one also. I miss seeing you (in person) but I love pulling up your blog & seeing your beautiful smile.

  16. Well..... Rachelle, you have done it again. I am sitting in computer lab at Lincoln in between my thirty minutes of not being able to eat anything but just enough time to look at your stupendous blog with the biggest smile on my face.(I wanted to use the word stupendous b/c it is the word of the week for my kiddos :)and it's fun!)

    Now.... music you say-Hmmmm..... well here it is. I like peace and quiet. I hardly get to hear myself think so on occassion I talk to myself so I know I am paying attention! (no... no... not a least not yet! lol However there is one song that brings a such peace to me.

    My Great Grandma used to sing me the most precious song in the world and I still sing it to this day when things are going wrong, or just out of whack completley. Amazing Grace. Every word in that old song is so true and I am so thankful he has saved a wretch like me! I do have a place waiting for me in those big huge hands of that precious Lord we have!

    Go ahead, you jump for joy! You jump off the bed next time in to a mountain full of pillows if you want too and sing to the top of your lungs so the whole world can hear your beautiful voice.

    Smiles and hugs,

  17. Something Heavenly by Sanctus Real
    It's like the something heavenly that happened to you Rachelle. I couldn't be more grateful.
    Love you,

  18. I sure do like all the jumping on the couch you guys do over there at your house! But not as much as I like to see you looking at me... with both eyes.

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow,
    Praise Him all creatures here below,
    Praise Him above the heavenly hosts,
    Praise Father Son and Holy Ghost.

  19. Hey I know I am to late for the contest but one of my songs :
    I don't know why Jesus Loves me
    I don't know why he cares
    I don't know why he sacrifice his life
    O but I'm glad so glad he did.
    and my second song is
    I know somehow and I know someway I'm going make it
    with Jesus on my side things with work out right
    I'm going make it.


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