Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Little Autumn on my Arm

Loving Autumn as I do, I am happy to join Rachel and many others over at Stitched in Color in creating handmade goodness with the colors of the season.

Inspired by the whimsical trees on my son's curtains,

and a favorite book of ours,

I gathered bits of fabric and had some fun.

I can feel the change coming.

God speaks to my heart in this time of goodbyes.

There is a beauty in the dying and the hope that life will come again.

Gray days will come, but not without the brilliant ones that splash us with sunlight and color. And inside is the warmth of the fire that burns, welcoming and comforting.

Gather seeds, little bird, and line your nest with warmth.

And you, little cutie, fly away to a place where you will thrive and remember to come back again.

Happy Autumn!


  1. I love this bag! It looks great!

  2. Totally and wonderfully and completely adorable.

  3. Wow, that is beautiful! Great fabrics and great design. Thanks for joining in!

  4. This bag is cute! I love the fabric of your trees! BTW, I read your story and completely agree about yoga. Completely. The same issues apply to holistic healing and homeopathy, as well.

  5. This is such a cute bag, I love everything about it!!

  6. Those trees are really cute! What a great idea.

  7. I love this bag!
    I just voted for you at Stitched in Color!

  8. Very nice photo-essay. I'm glad that you're glad that you are not a boy. It is a tough gig, but it is good.

  9. LOVE the bag and you did such a great job with it. The quilting is perfect for adding definition to the trees. Love it!


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